Carlsbad Flower Fields  California


CARLSBAD The Flower Fields

Open March 1 - May 12, 2019, 9 a.m. -6 p.m.

5704 Paseo Del Norte
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 431-0352

$18 Admission
$16 Age 60+ years
$9 Age 3-10 years
$39 season pass

March 16, 2019 Girl Scout Day
March 18, 2018 Basket Weaving
March 23-24, 2019  Arts & Crafts
March 23, 2019 Girl Scout Day & Kids Day
March 23, 2019 Food Trucks
March 24, 2019 Holi Fest
March 29, 2019 After Hours Sunset Wine Tasting and Music
March 30, 2019 Flower Flow Yoga Event, Rock Paint, Flower Puppy, Food Trucks, Bill Magee Concert
March 31, 2019 Succulent Arranging Workshop, Tea in the Garden, Food Trucks, Blues Day
April 4, 2019 Picnic
April 5, 2019 After Hours Sunset Wine Tasting & Music Pairing
April 6, 2019 Flower Arranging Workshop, Basket Weaving, Arts & Crafts, Food Truck, Live music
April 7, 2019 Hey Sugar Factory (vendors with sweets to eat), Live music
April 11, 2019 Picnic 
April 12, 2019 After Hours Sunset Wine Tasting & Music Pairing
April 13, 2019 Arts & Crafts, Decorative Painting, Flower - Succulents - Candle Arranging, Food Truck, Music with Bayou Brothers
April 14, 2019 Canon Photography Workshop, Food Truck, Live music
April 19, 2019 After Hours Sunset Wine Tasting & Music Pairing
April 20, 2019 Arts & Crafts, Flower Arranging, Music, Food Truck
April 21, 2019 Easter Sunrise Service, Food Truck
April 27, 2019 Arts & Crafts, Girl Scout Day, Food Truck, Music, Basket Weaving
April 28, 2019 Basket Weaving, Decorative Painting, Food Truck, Live Music
May 4, 2019 Food Truck
May 5, 2019 Tea In The Garden
May 12, 2019 Mother's Day Celebration

CALRSBAD, CALIF. — While old-timers in nearby Encinitas lament the loss of poinsettia fields, and Lompoc on the Central Coast misses its flower fields during the annual Flower Festival, Carlsbad's tradition continues annually with acres of yellow, pink, red, orange or white ranunculus for the public to see daily between March 1 and early May. The blooming hillside was given the unofficial name, the  flower fields,  by Carlsbad's residents, who began to consider it part of the local heritage. The name stuck, and was officially called The Flower Fields in 1993. Today, more than 150,000 people visit the fields each year. Through a joint venture between Carltas Co. (the land division of the Paul Ecke Family) and prominent grower Mellano & Co., The Flower Fields is the only ranunculus grower in the world that allows visitors to walk the fields to experience the flowers up-close.


  • Appearing in multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper-thin petals, the flowers look like origami masterwork
  • Grow best in South & Western U.S. where winters are mild
  • Top states for growing are California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana
  • Plant in location in location with full sun, and well drained soil
  • Most often grown from tubers, a jumbo planted in October yields approx. 35 flowers in March
  • Cut flowers last approx. 7 days in water
  • Most often grown as annuals

CARLSBAD, CALIF. -- Carlsbad Flower Fields are open to the public each spring around March through early May. The commercial enterprise charges a fee to wander through the fields of ranunculus and other flowers, located along the slope of a hill near the Carlsbad Outlet and Legoland California.

Those who stop will be glad to learn that Carlsbad in San Diego County is part of the massive flower and nursery industry that makes San Diego County the top growers of plants and flowers. Coming in #9 of all California commodities, Flowers and Foliage in San Diego comprise 50% these products in the state.  See California ranks of San Diego flowers & plants.

Edwin Frazee, a long time flower grower in San Diego County,  grew ranunculus overlooking the ocean and Highway 101, close to motorists traveling between Los Angeles and San Diego. A popular, unofficial, tourist attraction took root around 1993 when Frazee sought to retire. He contacted Paul Ecke, Jr., of the famed Poinsettia farms, who formed a joint venture with grower Mellano and Company. They decided that the tremendous interests in seeing the colorful flowers could be made into a tourist attraction, and  important way to keep the ranunculus fields financially viable.

The Flower Fields came into being and began developing its attraction with special events, including a sunrise Easter service in the fields.  More than  150,000 visitors each year tour the fields and attend special events.  The Flower Fields entered into a retail agreement with Armstrong Garden Centers to manage the retail store where you can buy quality flower-related products and gifts.

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