Alameda Historical Points of Interest

Alameda, Calif.--In addition to several museums in Alameda that document local history, the city was declared a Certified Local Government, a designation requiring detailed standards of application for preserving the city's local history through its architecture and physical monuments.

Architectural styles throughout the city are quite mixed and diverse. They include

California Bungalow, popular from 1905-1920. It is known for its horizontal emphasis, 1 to 1-1/2 story, often with porch extending along the front of the house or around the side.

California Ranch House from 1935 is recognized for its single-story, L-plan with horizontal emphasis. The garage dominates - extending toward the sidewalk. Entrance has been tucked into the juncture of the two wings.

Other styles you will see around Alameda include: Colonial Revival, Colonial Revival Cottage or Bungalow, Craftsman, Craftsman Cottage or Bungalow, Craftsman Cottage or Bungalow (alternate), False Front, French Provincial Revival, High-Peaked Gable, Italianate, Moderne, Pioneer, Prairie, Queen Anne Cottage, Queen Anne Tower, Spanish Colonial Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival Cottage, Stick, Transitional and Tudor Revival.

When visiting Alameda, be sure to discover all the unique and historic buildings well worth a drive around town. The city of Alameda website has detailed information and addresses for these historic buildings & monuments.


1630 Ninth Street
Alameda City Hall
Alameda Free Library
Alameda High School
Alameda Theater
American Red Cross
Bureau of Electricity Central Substation
Croll Building
Dr. Edith Meyers Center
First Church of Christ Scientist
First Congregational Church of Alameda
Lincoln Park
Masonic Temple
Old Post Office Building
Sanctuary Building of the First Presbyterian Church
Second Empire Residence
St. Joseph's Basilica
The Adelphian Club
The Webster House
Union Iron Works Power House
Veterans Memorial Building

Streets with Historic Buildings

Adams Street
Alameda Avenue
Arbor Street
Atlantic Avenue
Bay Street
Bayo Vista Avenue
Benton Street
Blanding Avenue
Briggs Avenue
Brush Street
Buena Vista Avenue
Burbank Street
Calhoun Street
Cambridge Drive
Caroline Street
Cedar Street
Centennial Avenue
Central Avenue
Chapin Street
Chestnut Street
Clay Street
Clement Avenue
Clinton Avenue
College Avenue
Concordia Street
Constance Circle
Cornell Drive
Cottage Street
Court Street
Crist Street
Cypress Street
Dayton Avenue
Delmar Avenue
Doris Court
Eagle Avenue
Eastshore Drive
Eighth Street
Elm Street
Encinal Avenue
Everett Street
Fair Oaks Avenue
Fairview Avenue
Fernside Blvd.
Fifth Street
Fillmore Street
Foley Street
Fountain Street
Fourth Street
Fremont Drive
Garfield Avenue
Gibbons Drive
Grace Court
Grand Street
Grove Street
Haight Avenue
Harvard Drive
Hawthorne Street
Hibbard Street
High Street
Hoover Court
Jackson Street
Janis Circle
Jay Street
Johnson Avenue
La Jolla Drive
Lafayette Street
Laurel Street
Lea Court
Lewelling Court
Liberty Avenue
Lincoln Avenue
Linden Street
Madison Street
Main Street
Marina Drive
Marion Court
Market Street
Marti Rae Court
Mastick Court
Minturn Street
Monte Vista Avenue
Moreland Drive
Morton Street
Mound Street
Mozart Street
Nason Street
Ninth Street
Noble Avenue
Northwood Drive
Oak Street
Otis Drive
Pacific Avenue
Page Street
Palace Court
Palmera Court
Park Avenue
Park Street
Paru Street
Peach Street
Pearl Street
Pease Court
Portola Avenue
Post Street
Powell Boulevard
Powers Court
Regent Street
Roosevelt Drive
San Antonio Avenue
San Jose Avenue
Santa Clara Avenue
Schiller Street
Seaborn Court
Second Street
Sherman Street
Sixth Street
Southwood Drive
Spruce Street
St. Charles Street
St. Margaret's Court
Stanford Street
Stanton Street
Sterling Avenue
Taylor Avenue
Third Street
Thompson Avenue
Tilden Way
Tregloan Court
Union Street
Van Buren Street
Verdi Street
Versailles Avenue
Walnut Street
Washington Street
Washington Way
Wayne Court
Webb Avenue
Weber Street
Webster Street
Willow Street
Windsor Drive
Wood Street
Yosemite Drive


Franklin Park
Jackson Park
The Rockery (at the gore of Alameda and Central)
Washington Park


Palm trees on Burbank and Portola Avenue
Street trees on Thompson and Central Avenues
Native Live Oaks throughout the City

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