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Alameda, California Bay Area Charm

Alameda, California in San Francisco's East Bay is known for its small town charm as seen in its Victorian homes. 9% of all single-family houses (1500) in Alameda are Victorian houses. Located across the estuary from Oakland, this popular destination for visitors is ideal for a day of strolling, driving and viewing this step back in time. Many like to begin on the West End.

Among its claims to fame is the annual Mayor's Fourth of July Parade with the longest route in the country at approximately 3.3 miles!

If you're planning a trip to Alameda, you'll probably want to know how to dress for the weather. Here are the average, highs, lows and rainfall. Alameda rarely sees snow.

Alameda's architecture and historically rich community include over 10,000 buildings constructed prior to 1930. The City adopted the Historical Preservation Ordinance and created the Historical Advisory Commission in 1975 establishing procedures for identifying and designating City Monuments, the Historical Building Study List, and Historic Signs.

In 1987 Alameda became a Certified Local Government which requires the City to have a historical preservation ordinance, and an advisory board whose members meet professional proficiency standards. The city website posts a detailed list of historic places—monuments, homes, buildings and points of interest, include historic street lamps. Here is a small sampling of things to see when driving around Alameda. Alameda's beautiful parks facilities are just the start of having fun. In addition to the city parks, there's also the Robert Crown Memorial State Beach, part of the California State Parks system in the Bay Area Region.

Webster Street leads to the beach, with miles of beaches and bays where wind and kite surfers at Crown Memorial State Beach and Shoreline Drive find plenty of action, thanks to the great wind patterns. These beaches offer stunning views of the San Francisco skyline and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

There are several Alameda Museums that surround the history of the city, region, and the world. From the local founding of the Alameda and its historic homes, to the military interests of the US in WWII and up to today, Alameda preserves the past with its volunteers and museums open to the public for viewing. Many special events throughout the year at these museums attract travelers from all locations to participate.

USS Hornet Museum, home to the USS Hornet floating military ship museum. WWII history comes to life on this vessel which is a museum, and includes many special events throughout the year. Location: 2324 Alameda Avenue near Park Street.

Meyers House Museum was erected in 1897. It is an example of Colonial Revival, an architectural style popular around the turn of the century. Read more...>

Things to See & Do in Alameda include a play house and Crab Cove Visitors Center.

Annual events you may want to check out include the Egg Scramble before Easter 

Oktoberfest each autumn

The Nutcracker Ballet in the winter

Halloween Events & Parties

and the Tree Lighting Ceremony before Christmas.

Alameda isn't necessarily the Bay Area's top tourist draw but it definitely has much to see and do offers many amenities, festivals and events throughout the year for residents and visitors. You will be amazed by its charms.

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