Alameda, Calif. Weather And Averages

Alameda, California — Located in the Bay Area, Alameda experiences the influences of San Francisco and coastal climates with some fog, pleasant temperatures throughout the summer and winter months (haven't seen snow in decades) and an average high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the city's hottest month, September. 

While rainfall totals fluctuate, especially during exceptional seasons of drought or rain, the average is less than five inches of rain in the rainiest month, January. In June, July and August Alameda rarely experiences rain and if it does rain the totals are generally less than half an inch.

For travelers the rule of thumb for visiting Alameda is dress in layers. Wear clothes that are not too heavy and can be taken off in layers from sweaters, jackets and long sleeve tops to clothing worn under them such as short sleeve or tank tops for hotter days. Yes, Alameda has gotten some really hot days. A record breaker would be 109 degrees in the summer and in the winter a cold night can set records when it dips below freezing, 32 degrees F.


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