California Museums

Alameda USS Hornet Ship Museum

USS Hornet Museum, Pier 3, Alameda Point
Alameda, CA 94501

Alameda, Calif.--USS Hornet Museum is one of several museums in Alameda. One of the recent attractions is the aircraft carrier that took the USS HORNET (CV-12). The eighth Hornet commissioned in 1943 just 16 months after her keel was laid saw action for 16 continuous months during World War II in the Pacific combat zone, sometimes within 40 miles of the Japanese home islands. She was never hit, though she was under air attack 59 times, and she supported nearly every Pacific amphibious landing after March 1944.

Alameda native Jimmy Doolittle was known for the launching of a squadron of B-25s in the Tokyo raid of World War II. After the Doolittle raid sunk the Hornet, CV-8 on October 27, 1942 at the battle of Santa Cruz islands, the Hornet, CV-12 went on to destroy 1410 Japanese aircraft, scored the first critical hits in sinking the super battleship YAMATO, and launched the first 1945 strikes against Tokyo since the 1942 Doolittle Raid.

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