Melody Moser

Melody Moser is a New Jersey-based writer and tourism professional whose travels have taken her throughout the world.


Baltimore, Maryland, Charm City

Fairfax, Virginia: The Crossroads of History

Perryville, Arkansas: Heifer Ranch Educating People

Ride Disney's Magic Carpet, Disney Epcot in Florida


Melody Moser has explored ancient ruins in Central America, North Africa and Turkey; she's taught English in the Czech Republic, camped in the Sinai desert and studied yoga in India . Her articles have appeared in publications such as Explore (TACA Airline's In-flight magazine), AAA Going Places, The AAA Touch, The Daily Herald and The Orlando Sentinel, among others.

Although she writes on a variety of topics, she specializes in travel and archaeology. In addition to her work as a journalist, Melody holds a full time position as a Computer Specialist with the Federal Aviation Administration. She's also had some unusual jobs. She participated in the Magic Kingdom College Program at Walt Disney World, worked as a G.O. at Club Med in the Bahamas, and flew as a flight attendant for an airline based in Miami.

She has a BS in Travel and Tourism Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University , a BA in Computer Science from Stockton State College, and is currently pursuing a degree in archaeology through Leicester University in England.

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