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Current Contributors

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   Chris Mac Donald is a columnist, writes feature stories along with photos for several newspapers and also publishes
   Connie Young is a distinguished publicist and promotions executive specializing in community relations, special events and destination travel writing.
   Craig Mac Donald is the author of 24 books, former San Diego reporter, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and San Jose State graduate. 
   Debbie Stock has a degree in photojournalism from Kansas University. After decades in print media, she primarily creates content and publishes travel and lifestyle websites.

   Maya Jannelle brings a unique perspective to life in California. Born in Cebu, Philippines, she speaks 6 languages and has lived in far away places such as Jordan, Kuwait and Cyprus. 

   Paula Schultz has duel talents as an interpreter and fine arts photographer. While her work has a journalist bend, her graphics skills turn people and scenes into framed art for your walls.
    Thomas Young is a photographer who travels the Southwest U.S. documenting journeys for travel stories.

  Barbara Steinberg is THE California destination expert. Having worked for the California state tourism branch, Visit California, she's editor of Watchable Wildlife, serves on the board of Outdoor Writers Association of California, and goes by the brand: Are You That Woman?

Contributors - Alphabetical

(published on website)

   Ann Terry Hill is an Oregon travel writer with a special interest in the rodeo. She's an expert rider who co-authored the book, Pendleton Round-Up at 100: Oregon's Legendary Rodeo.
  Colleen Fliedner is an award-winning author, journalist, and historian. She has written three nonfiction books, radio and t.v. commercials, screenplays, and hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, and online publications.
 Deborah Brown has represented actors and high profile celebrities in Hollywood. Her behind-the-scenes work has assisted in the making and maintaining of numerous multi-million dollar talents.
   Denise Morrison now lives in Switzerland but worked in the California travel industry with special interest in arts and entertainment. She earned a B.A. degree in Communications-Journalism from California State University Northridge.  
  Diane Sorensen, a California native, took to the road and wrote about the Meteor Crater in Winslow, Arizona.
 George Bailey is a Canadian-based travel writer/photographer who has explored the far reaches of the globe, and lived to tell about his journeys to such remote places as Antarctica.
 Joe Shaw spent 25 years in Southern California winning awards as a nonprofit organization communicator. He was a Huntington Beach City Council member and now serves as executive director of the Lux Center for the Arts in Lincoln, Nebraska. Shaw has a degree in journalism.
 Larry Alton is a freelance writer, business consultant and independent real estate investor. His stories have been published in tech, financial and travel publications as well as newspapers and magazines.
  Ludmilla Alexander and Dmitri Bobroff, a travel team from the Bay Area, write travel stories and take photos around the globe.
   Maxine Sommers is a writing teacher from Texas who travels extensively and chronicles her trips, offering factual articles that bring fascinating locations to life…enhanced with just the right amount of humor.
  Melody Moser has an interesting life. She's worked as a flight attendant, a computer specialist with the FAA, and has spent her adult life writing about her world travels.
   Mumbi Kahenya shares her African pride with the goal to "Save African Families" through the non-profit she's founded ( Kahenya is a native of Kenya, now living in Long Beach, Calif.

  Ron Singer likes to photograph flowers, and especially roses since his wife's name is Rose.
  Sheila O'Connor, a native of Scotland who speaks five languages, has over 2,000 published articles, including many travel stories documenting her adventures around the globe.
  Vern Howen travels the globe in search of the next adventure. The travel editor hales from Sacramento.
  Zoe Clift is an avid hiker, mountain biker, kayaker and traveler. The staff travel writer for Arkansas Tourism has a biology degree from the University of Colorado and a master's degree in journalism from Boston University.

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