Zoie Clift, Travel Journalist and World Traveler

Zoie Clift is a skilled writer and a conditioned athlete who participates in many of her assignments. From kayaking to running a race, Clift keeps pace and gets the scoop on a variety of outdoor sports competitions, events and activities.



New Orleans, Louisiana: Never Enough Time in NOLA

This journalist based in Little Rock, Arkansas, received undergraduate training in environmental studies and biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. With a scientific background and master's degree in print journalism from Boston University, Clift takes on a variety of complex subjects with the capability to explain them in laymen's terms.

Helping to establish environmental education courses in an outdoor guide program in Arkansas, it's second nature for Clift to push the limits in sports such as rockclimbing, adventure racing, snow-boarding, scuba diving, and mountain biking through trails or big cities. Keeping a pair of inline skates in her car, she's prepared for most any sports opportunity.

Journalism isn't just an occupation for the tourism professional who holds a full time position Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism―it is a passion. She enjoys traveling and has explored eastern and western Europe, Southeast Asia, and parts of South America, as well frequent trips to Greece, her former home.

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