Barbra Steinberg, Contributing Travel Writer

Barbara Steinberg is the go-to person in California travel. When you want to find out an answer, she knows it or knows how to obtain the correct information. That's what makes her such a great writer and photographer, as well. You can catch up with her on Are You That Woman


Anacapa Island! Who Says It's Not for Kids? The hour-long boat ride, sometimes with rough seas, may be enough to discourage adults to take the trip. Add to that the flights of stairs you have to climb to get up to the island from the small landing. But many adventuresome parents take their kids along. Steinberg has the scoop...

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In 1990 Barbara Steinberg's professional travel writing and editing career began in  California Office of Tourism. As publications director for the California Official State Visitor's Guide & Travel Planner, California Official State Map, and Web site, she wore many hats and carried her assignments out with perfection and passion.
Steinberg provided editorial and creative direction on scores of tourism publications and continues to today. Some of her past credits include California Celebrations, California Drives, and Golden California and California Travel Ideas.  Recognized for her extensive knowledge of California travel, she has represented California on travel media press trips and fam tours, and at travel trade and consumer shows, media events and conferences.  After working 16 years with California Travel & Tourism Commission and VisitCalifornia, Barbara now pursues her passion for California travel as a freelance writer and editor, and consultant to many California destinations. 

SeeCalifornia features the works of emerging writer talents as well as seasoned authors and journalists.

Barbara graduated cum laude from California State University, Sacramento with a BA in Communications Studies.   She is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of California, California Watchable Wildlife Committee, and Sierra Business Council.  


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