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Point Loma Lighthouse, California

Old Point Loma Lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument, 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, Route 209, San Diego, CA. Cal: (619) 557-5450

There are two lighthouses at the Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma in the City of San Diego. One is the old lighthouse, which was established in 1855. Not currently in operation, the foundation of this lighthouse was build with natural and emplace materials that included brick. The lighthouse was deactivated in 1891 when another lighthouse a short distance away was launched and eventually automated in 1986.

The conical shaped lighthouse structure stand 46 feet high and the focal plane if 462 feet. There is no optic in the building today, but at one time included a Third Order Fresnel lens, installed in 1855. The lighthouse is integral.

There is no fog signal building to this lighthouse, but it does contain Keepers Quarters constructed in a 1.5 story structure built in 1855.
Its architectural style is Cape Cod and the construction materials included sandstone on cobble. Other structures in a cistern. The light station is managed by the National Parks Services, which keeps it open to the public daily from 9-5; 9-6 from July 4 to Labor Day.

There is a light on at night for aesthetic reasons, but light source is offset by four inches to reduce its effect.

It's listed on the National Register as Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

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