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Angels Camp Museum, Angels Camp, California

753 S. Main Street
Angels Camp, CA 95222
(209) 736-2963
Museum Day Hours of Operation
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The premier local history museum in Northern California. The museum dedicates collections to inspire understanding of the gold country history of Angels Camp and the Mother Lode region. We create opportunities for learning, discovery and present the extraordinary stories of our country's past.

Angels Camp Museum includes outdoor displays spread over 3-acres and is located on the site of the now defunct Angel's Quartz Mine. Throughout three indoor galleries, visitors will find collections of important antique vehicles, ranching and farming related artifacts and exhibits highlighting local mining history.

Angels Camp Museum in Angels Camp is an ideal place to begin your personal journey following the gold rush settlers as they made their way West across the North America to populate the Sierra Foothills in their search for gold. The museum documents the history of Angels Camp region, Calaveras County, and the historic Gold Rush trail.

Focused primarily on its 19th to 20th century gold rush history, the Angels Camp Museum is easily recognizable as you drive along Main Street and observe relics in front of the white building that usually has an American flag waving in the wind when it is open.

Angels Camp Museum is comprised of four separate buildings, each with special collections and themes. In one facility there are some 29 antique carriages in one of our favorite collections in California (another great collection can be found in Santa Ynez.)

The neatly-painted main building is packed with antiques that each tell a story of another era. Included in the main building fronting Main Street is a small theater that includes "Jump", a documentary about Angels Camp Jumping Frog Jubilee.

Angels Camp's greatest prosperity came with the deep gold mines between 1880 and 1920. Many of the Gold Rush buildings still line Main Street. You can recognize them by their thick stone walls and iron shutters.

Things to see and do at the museum include:

One of the largest and most diverse collections of mining equipment that exists in the Mother Lode

One of the finest patent medicine bottle collections

Information about the network & miles of mining tunnels and shafts under Angels Camp

The oldest surviving schoolhouse in California, Altaville School up the street from the museum.

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