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Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA

Bowers Museum
2002 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92706
(714) 567-3600
Open daily 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Closed Mondays, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day

SANTA ANA, CALIF.— A cultural gem in the heart of Santa Ana features an ever-changing treasure trove of paintings, sculptures, baskets, wood carvings, glass, pottery, gem stones and objects from around the globe.

Permanent Collection

This massive collection of more than 120,000 art and objects includes Native American Art, Art of the Pacific, Art of Africa, Pre-Columbian Art, Art of Asia, South American Ethnographic (Study of Human Races & Cultures) Collection and Orange County CA History.

Community Inspired, Involved

Bowers Museum excels in drawing the community in to experience arts, history and cultural learning through many programs, festivals, student and youth opportunities and on-site dining. Visit the website for unique and fun lectures, festivals and events throughout the year.

Exhibits at  Bowers Museum have included:

  • Spirits and Headhunters: Art of the Pacific Islands
  • Sacred Realms: Temple Murals by Shashi Dhoj Tulachan
  • Ancient Arts of China: A 5000 Year Legacy
  • California: The Golden Years
  • First Californians
  • Pre-Columbian Exhibits
  • California Legacies: Missions and Ranchos (1768-1848)

Santa Ana Zoo is a nearby attraction, among many such as include Discovery Science Center and Westfield MainPlace.

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