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Eureka, California is the gem of the Northern California Coast. History, culture, shopping, dining, and ocean setting, and the towering redwood forests, are compelling reasons to visit, and the tourists do come.

International travelers really love the area as much as Californians, themselves.

With the oldest zoo in California, Sequoia Park Zoo is owned and operated by the city of Eureka, and one of the highlights for children with the Barnyard, a petting zoo.

Blue Ox Millworks 1 X Street. Eureka, CA 95501 (800)248-4259 museums Blue Ox Millworks, Eureka, California―It was just another rainy day when my flight arrived at the Eureka-Arcata Airport one Saturday morning on a weekend getaway from Los Angeles. I had left sunny L.A. for this rain-soaked, redwood coast and quickly discovered as I hopped in my rental car that even with rain, driving was easier and there was lots to see and do in a region that has over 40 inches of rain each year.

The rain actually offered a glimpse into the lifestyle of people living in Humboldt County. It explained why the landscapes are bit less manicured though the Victorians are treated with great respect.

Blue Ox Millworks on the north side of the city is a must see when you visit Eureka. Located in a sizeable complex, the lost art of woodworking experienced through the use of antique scroll and shaping tools and machinery that's powered by humans are part of the treasure unveiled as you explore the museum, school and and working wood restoration business. An annual event held the weekend after Thanksgiving each year, Craftsman's Days, offers one of your best opportunities to watch the workings of this authentic millworks.

Named after oxen (and there are several on the property), Blue Ox Millworks is a museum the public can visit and tour for a small fee, but it also features a working factory where custom wood designs are created for antique houses and treasures that range from the Sacramento Governor's Mansion refurbishment to buildings throughout the region, the US and world. From the United States White House in Washington, D.C. to Japan, owner Eric Hollenbeck has authentically repaired and replaced wood adornments with craftsman style quality products made the old-fashioned way.

In addition to his clientele, the entrepreneur created a school for youth interested in hands on learning. Students accepted into the program have a unique experience that includes making their own yearbook with an antique press. For the public, classroom opportunities include workshops covering woodworking, ceramics and many other handy skills.

For those just passing through, a stroll through this informative museum is one of the greatest treasures you'll discover in Eureka. After you leave the Blue Ox Millworks, you'll drive around the city and notice that nearly every building in the downtown area includes intricate woodwork, often reminiscent of the Victorian era. What a perfect way to begin your journey through redwood country where solid buildings made of redwood continue to shine through the love and handiwork of local artists such as Hollenbeck!

Eureka is very easy to drive around. Streets in the main shopping and hotel region along Redwood Highway (101) are in a grid pattern designated as letters of the alphabet one direction and numbers the other.

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