California State Parks, Beaches & Off Highway Parks

California's State Parks system contains close to 300 parks with beaches, forests, mountains and deserts included in the inventory, as well as over one million artifacts in a collection of items. To say that state parks operations are huge would be an understatement at best. The system divides parks into regions and types of park attractions--off road vehicles, beaches, parks, camping, etc.

There are 278 units in the California State Park System:
State Park 87
State Beach 63
State Historic Park 51
State Recreation Area 32
State Natural Reserve 16
State Vehicular Recreation Area 8
State Historical Monument 1
State Seashore 1
Wayside Campground 1
Unclassified 18

Here are the major designations by region:
North Coast
San Francisco Bay Area
Central Coast
Los Angeles County
Orange County
Inland Empire
San Diego County
Shasta Cascade
Gold Country
Central Valley
High Sierra


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