Capitola, CA Parks and Recreation

The City of Capitola is a small Bay Area Coastal City in Santa Cruz County with approx. 6 parks. Capitola Parks Department is responsible for maintenance of the City owned parks. All the parks in the City are open from 6 a.m. to sunset. Dogs are not allowed in the parks or on the beach. Sweet & simple rules are easy to follow. See more California City Parks

Esplanade Park is located at the beach and provides the epi-center of entertainment, concerts and art for Capitola. From the Easter Egg Hunt to the Begonia Festival, Surfing Santa and Summer Concerts or Art & Music, the small beach city keeps an amazing calendar of events. There's always something to do in Capitola's parks!Cortez Park

Esplanade Park - this is the beach park with sand at your door. Most events happen here.

Jade Street Park

Noble Gulch

Peery Park

Soquel Park


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