Pig Kisses at Centennial Farm


If you missed the contest called, "Kiss a Pig", and there have been a few throughout the years, then why not watch pigs kiss each other. There's a fantastic, free-to-see farm opened throughout the year at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, Calif. It's called Centennial Farm.

The pig population is a social group with lots of sleeping, eating and doing things in close proximity of one another. So adorable are the creatures and their pink, almost humanlike skin, that people are mesmerized, watching them.

Oftentimes it may look like they are kissing and they actually are involved in grooming and care.

Pigs aren't picky about what they eat.. they simply love food. And they aren't very shy when it comes to folks. They're almost ambivalent, though they see humans and recognize that when they're around, it's time to eat. Pigs are great.


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