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California Sunset Photos

California Sunsets are one of the most popular types of photos to take. The colors of the sky paint magical pictures that you hardly can fathom or imagine--till you see them.

From the brilliant coastal reflections of the sun's colors casts on the Pacific Ocean, to the fiery skies over the Central Valley, or pink moment that only Ojai treasures, the sunsets in California are diverse, breath-taking--life changing, sometimes! Pictured in the thumbnails from the See California photo gallery are images spanning the state from San Diego to San Jose and beyond. These pictures are mostly in the red, orange and yellow sunset range. They include some suns as big balls setting near the horizon, some silhouettes of people, trees and piers, and stills of inanimate objects on the landscape.

  • CARPINTERIA - Sunsets in the photo gallery include Carpinteria State Beach with colors of orange and pink.
  • HUNTINGTON BEACH - Sunsets in HB include lots of Huntington Beach Pier photos.
    1. One picture shows a massive globe shaped sun going down over the Pacific Ocean.
    2. A unique, purple shaded sunset image is mostly cast colors on a surfer located on the southside of Huntington Beach Pier.
    3. A yellow-orange silhouette of surfers playing volleyball at nets next to the Huntington Beach Pier is pure beach fun.
    4. The dome shaped diner at the end of the HB pier eminates yellow from behind the building, turning to orange as the colors move outwards like a halo of light.
    5. Purple and pink frame twinkling holiday lights on Huntington Beach Pier next to the Pacific Ocean. Outa sight!
    6.Glow of the Golden West includes silhouettes of people on the Huntington Beach Pier with the dynamic, white globe sun behind them and the rest of the sky filled with the color orange.
  • SANTA BARBARA - Sunset views of Stearns Wharf from Harbor View Inn.
  • SEAL BEACH - Because of the beach's unique west facing location, it is ideal for picture taking.
    1. Pier star lights at Christmas time with pink, yellow and lavender setting sun.
    2. Clouds partially obscure the sun that sets nearly behind the pier where a couple with coats walk in silhouette, and three birds fly wildly in the sky.
  • SUNSET BEACH - It gets its name for its spectacular sunsets. The photo shown includes purple, pink, yellow and orange. A young couple playfully clowns around at Sunset Beach with the backdrop beyond compare.

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