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Pier Big Sunset and Fishing

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Photo: Sunset over the Pacific Ocean next to Huntington Beach Pier.

Huntington Beach, Calif.--You've seen the sun go down a thousand times, but every once in a blue moon it is simply spectacular, as seen in the picture above. Fisherman shown in silhouette fishing from the Huntington Beach Pier may notice the glorious sunset but they won't get this fantastic perspective we notices from Huntington City Beach, south side of the pier.

Fishing and sunsets are free on the HB Pier, an icon for a city of some 200,000 residents who live next to the Pacific, enjoying 10 miles of public beaches and spectacular climate.

When you go and want to take a photo like this one, you're going to need a telephoto lens or camera setting to get this perspective.

There's parking right next to the pier at this location, but they charge a fee. There are pay machines at various spots not far from your car, and it's highly advised that you pay for parking. Tickets are not as cheap. As of last city record we could find, a parking ticket cost $48.

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