California Photos

California Wacky Photos

California is crazy, wacky and it makes for a whole lot of fun! From the biggest and tallest trees in the world to the tallest thermometer in the world, tallest totem pole in the world, biggest Monopoly game, forever Santa Claus (statue), world's biggest Yoyo, twin boat houses, Bubblegum Alley and an endless parade of events, you can spend your life chasing your tale to catch up with all the crazy stuff.

Crazy festivals are certainly over the top. Peg Leg Smith Liar's Contest is one of the craziest of many events that range from Kinetic Sculpture Race to Poison Oak Festival, DooDah Parade, Golf Cart Parade, Surfing Dog Contests, Outhouse Races, Bed Races and the famed Earthquake Festival where Winters says "It's our fault and we're proud of it!"

Crazy things to see in California

People crazy about pets

Crazy portrait of Governor

Crazy places to tie the knot

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