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Bacara Beach Resort, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, Calif.--Mention the ocean setting and splendid mountains overlooking the lights of the city, and a glimmer comes to the eyes of those who have been to Santa Barbara.

While it is known for its romantic vacations, one Santa Barbara's best resorts that offers both romance and family travel is Bacara Resort & Spa, set on the outskirts of the city with its own gold coast.

Not many are aware when they book a room that this luxury hotel has quite a history as well.

First, however, we should mention the swimming pools and saunas. The pools are set along the terracing hillsides of the resort property, staged perfectly to see the sea down the hillside, just a five minute walk taken completely on the hotel property.

The swimming pools include private cabanas you can rent for your own poolside soiree. However, the sunshine and beautiful blue colors of the pools invite travelers to relax in lounge chairs and take a dip from time to time. Can life be any better?

Now for the history: On the beach below the swimming pools (it's a public beach with free parking and beach access adjacent to the resort) you will find a unique sign marking a spot and historical event that is noteworthy--and that's putting it mildly!

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