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Here's a list of California shoe makers and manufacturers.

Shoes are more than just something you put on your feet to take a walk. They're a fashion statement, and for some they're even an addiction. When Imelda Marcos passed away, the politician and wife of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos was remembered for her collection of 2,700 pairs of shoes. Many saw them as symbols of the extravagance of her husband's political reign.

For those who have been poor or grew up during the depression, a pair of shoes was often hand-me-downs. My father will never forget the embarrassment of being told in school that his feet smelled as he wore a pair of shoes that several older brothers had worn. By the time he got the shoes they had holes in them. When he grew up and was able to afford his own, he enjoyed buying shoes more than anything else. Shoes became a symbol pride, prosperity and self-expression. Nice, new shoes made him feel happy.

Shoe  Dress Codes at California Clubs Country Clubs in Marin, Coto de Caza, Palos Verdes, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, San Mateo, Los Altos and throughout California have shoe dress codes. Here are a few specific clubs and details.

  • At San Jose Country Club, here's the shoe rules: Only shoes designed for golf or flat-soled athletic shoes may be worn on the course and practice areas. Alternative (soft) spikes or spike-less golf shoes are required for all golfers. Shoes that are appropriate to the activity and occasion must be worn. Bare feet, socks only, or shower sandals are prohibited except in locker rooms and the swimming pool area.
  • At Redlands Country Club All players must wear regulation tennis shoes on Club courts. The clubs's mission is to make Redlands Country Club a club that is viewed by its members as a great place to belong, and by the public as a desirable place to join.
Shoe Dress Codes at California Restaurants
  • At The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon in Anaheim guests are told that footwear must be worn at all times. Flip flops are not permitted. No baseball, golf or football cleats. No work boots or spurs. All footwear with laces must be tied. All sandals need back strap to go on dance floor. Flip flops not permitted on the dance floor.
  • At the Magic Castle in Hollywood no sandals, flip flops, sneakers or sneaker-like shoes are allowed during evening events.
Shoe Dress Codes in California Jobs
  • To work at Disneyland dress shoes or boots in good business taste are required. Classic dress shoes are permitted to have an open toe, open heel and/or sling back. Athletic shoes, sandals, and Western boots are not permitted.
  • At Chipotle  Mexican Grill Inc. employees asked a California judge in April 2013 to certify a class suit against the restaurant chain for not reimbursing employees for new work shoes allegedly required-- workers' paychecks deducted the cost of footwear in a Shoes for Crews” policy, affecting more than 26,000 employees.

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