Pacific Beach, San Diego Shopping Strand


Pacific Beach, a beach community within the city of San Diego, is known for eclectic beach shopping. Souvenir gifts such as seashell turtles that cost a couple bucks can be had for easy packing, or you can stop at the outdoor kiosks and purchase swimsuits, surfboards, postcards, hats, beach towels, sunblock, flip flops, kids toys and even rent a bike.

Popular items that never seem to go out of style are female cover-ups for the beach. Often made with spaghetti straps, in light cotton fabrics and colorful prints that include flowers or art, the dresses are ideal for visits to the beach when you need something to wear into a restaurant where swimsuits aren't allowed.

The shopping along the cement paved path or strand along the beaches of Pacific Beach is touristy, yet sometimes a live-saver when you left something at home that really need.

Sometimes your shoes break, you're getting roasted and want to cover your body to protect it from the sun.

This is one small section of shopping in Pacific Beach located right on the beach that tourists especially find handy.

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