Montecristi Panama Hats in Yountville, California


Montecristi Panama Hats

6525 Washington St.
Yountville, CA.
(707) 254-9277, call if you have questions

YOUNTVILLE, CALIF. -- Montecristi Panama Hats, the finest in the world. They come in styles for women and men ranging from Western, golf, fedora, plantation and colonial to the Paris Collection ideal for women stepping out in style for a day at the polo games, wine festival or turf club where casual elegance is a must. Prices begin at approx. $88.

Ecuadorian Yovanni Mero Pachano, fifth generation master weaver from the village of Montecristi, makes the best Panama Hats in the world. Yovanni is pictured with the $4,950 (approx. price) "Prince of Panamas," the Supremo Fino made of toquilla so finely woven it appears like silk (right photo). This natural colored hat featuring as many as 2,500 weaves per square inch fittingly comes with a silk band! No wonder UNESCO lists this as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, citing the fact that less than a dozen people make them. The hat maker is one of several represented at Montecristi Panama Hats in Yountville.

There are less than a dozen artisans in the world capable of making this superb product. Buying a Montecristi Panama Hat is like buying fine art.

Montecristi Panama Hats is located on the 2nd floor in V Marketplace, an historic 145-year-old Groezinger Winery complex with lush gardens and cobblestone walkways.

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