Bicycle and Bike Rides in San Diego CA, Sports Capital


The 2nd largest city in California doesn't get the publicity it deserves when it comes to riding bikes and the ability to ride them, combined with use of public transportation. San Diego has one of the best public transportation and most connected cities in the United States. While other cities such as Long Beach and Davis proclaim they are the bike capital or are on their way to becoming it, San Diego lives the bicycle lifestyle daily.

For tourists, bicycling usually involves renting a bike and riding a beach path. There are miles beach bicycling opportunities with some of the best shown in the picture taken at Pacific Beach. On busy weekends or during sporting events, the local bars & pubs, are a mass of bicycles parked and chained to nearly everything is sight!

City of San Diego bike program

Bicycle Program is a partnership with public and private agencies and bicycle organizations to develop and maintain the safest and most convenient bike way system possible in the City of San Diego.

Bicycle facilities are designated as three types: bike paths, bike lanes, and bike routes.

Bike paths are separate "roads" for bicycles, and are reserved exclusively for non-motorized traffic.

Bike lanes are marked along existing roadways with special regulatory signs and painted bicycle lanes and pavement.

Bike routes are suggested bicycle routes through the City. They are marked by green "bike route" signs, but have no other signs, stripes or markings separating bicycle traffic from vehicular traffic.

It can cost up to $1 million per mile to build a new bike path. Bicycle Related Contact Information: Call 1-800-COMMUTE / 1-800-266-6883 Report a lost or stolen bike: San Diego Police (619) 531-2000. Report vehicles illegally parked in bike lanes or bike paths: (619) 684-1400. Animal or Litter Control: (858) 492-5060 Contact the Caltrans Bicycle Coordinator: (619) 688-2597 Bike Registration is now done by local bicycle stores and not the Fire Department. For more information: (619) 533-4300

San Diego Bicycle Route Maps

San Diego County Association of Governments publishes a bike route map at The agency includes programs for bike riders such as "Find a Bike Locker" or "Ride Partner Online". RideMatcher provides a complete list of more than 1,000 bike lockers in the San Diego region and helps you start the bike locker application process online. You can also get credit for commuting to work by bike and may be eligible for a monthly financial incentive through your employer.

San Diego Bicycle Coalition

San Diego Bicycle Coalition is a useful organization that arranges bike rides, bike path cleanups and information to those seeking to ride a bike in San Diego area.


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