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San Diego's Belmont Park is a throwback to the good old days of Classic Beach California, all the way down to the Wave House, where you'll find a two thrilling wave simulators the Flow Rider and the FlowBarrel that allow anyone to experience an endless perfect wave.

In addition, the historic elements of this beachfront amusement include a Giant Dipper classic roller coaster which was built in 1925 and other contemporary attractions such as The Tilt-a-Whirl and Liberty Carousel. Kids rides as well as adult sized thrills are thrown in the mix. Belmont Park's new Adrenaline Zone includes a Zip Line, Rock Climbing Wall, and Laser Maze.

Belmont Park launched in the early 2oth century during an era in which it took more than an ocean & sand to get people to visit San Diego, Santa Cruz, and beaches along the California coast such as Long Beach that once had its own amusement park, The Pike.

Although Belmont Park is known for it's attractions there are also 3 oceanfront restaurants -- WaveHouse Beach Club, Draft, and the newest addition, Cannonball. They offer exquisite beachfront views and serve an array of gourmet eats.

For a fun beach adventure ideal for all ages, Belmont Park is worth checking out during your vacation in San Diego. Located nearby is a great outdoor skatepark, too! And it's only 1 mile from SeaWorld.

The Plunge is currently closed as of July 2015: Please call (858) 228-9300 or visit theplunge for updates!

The Plunge opened around 1925 as the Natatorium. It has undergone several renovations and retrofits with its popular swim experience, an impressive 175' length and 60' width.

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