San Pedro, California Red Car Ride


Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car Line operates Friday through  Sunday, noon to 9 p.m. Free one-hour parking is available at the Los Angeles Cruise Promenade parking lot located just past the Catalina Express Terminal gate. A $1 all-day fare (310) 732-3473

San Pedro is home to the only Red Car train you can actually ride. While the train attraction is a replica of a former electric car colored red that guests beach-goers rode from Los Angeles to Newport Beach beginning in 1904, it provides an affordable experience for kids & adults in an exciting attraction that includes sounds such as the "clang, clang" bell that chimes near each station, the "all aboard" from a conductor who walks through the train car, answering Red Car train questions, and sharing goodwill with all ages.

Pacific Electric Red Car ticket allows you to ride all day for one fee—around $1 (kids under 6 are free).  It's an amazing deal that includes a free parking lot, with bus rides connecting to the beach, and a water & lights show, Fanfare, at the gateway to the Port of L.A.  Stops along the way and connection rides all valid with the ticket you purchase include:

Catalina Express Passenger Terminal

S.S Lane Victory
 Vincent Thomas Bridge
 World Cruise Center

Downtown Station

Fanfare Water Fountain Show
 Fire Station 112
 Los Angeles Maritime Museum
 Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial
 U.S.S. Los Angeles Naval Monument
 Longshore Memorial
 Liberty Hill Monument
 Fishing Industry Memorial

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