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California Strawberries are a Berry Big Deal

Published on: March 14, 2019


A highlight of Santa Maria Valley Strawberry Festival (pictured) is the delicious strawberry shortcake with whipped cream. Among the many attractions at this annual event at Fairpark are contests and games, a carnival with exciting rides and entertainment that includes musical acts and lots of clowning around.  Look at those strawberries as big as the palm of your hand — WOW!

I have an affinity for strawberries. My father has always had a green thumb when it comes to growing them, but he also was in charge of the world’s largest air shipments to other countries at his job in Los Angeles. California is the world leader in growing and shipping strawberries, thanks to its beautiful weather and year-round growing season.

Among the strawberry fast facts to chomp on:

  • California’s climate offers 12 months per year of strawberry growing.
  • There’s a 500-mile growing region in the state.
  • California produces over 91% of the U.S. crop.
  • The United States exports around 250-275 million pounds of fresh strawberries each year, mostly from California.

Are you berry excited about California strawberry festivals?

  • SANTA MARIA: Strawberry Festival April 26-28, 2019 is one of the first California strawberry festivals of the year. The Central Coast happens to also be the premier growing region for strawberries.
  • ARROYO GRANDE: Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival May 25-26
  • GARDEN GROVE: Garden Grove Strawberry Festival May 24-27
  • VISTA: Vista Strawberry Festival May 26
  • OXNARD: California Strawberry Festival May 18-19
  • LOS ANGELES: Balboa Strawberry Festival has no date set as of yet for 2019. It’s typically been held in June.
  • ROSEVILLE: BerryFest Strawberry Festival May 11-12
  • WATSONVILLE: Watsonville Strawberry Festival August 3-4
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