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For The Book Crowd – California’s Book Fests

Published on: April 06, 2019


Pictured is Los Angeles Times Festival of Books which returns to USC campus April 13-14, 2019.  Scroll down for a list of upcoming book festivals in California! has regularly featured book reviews of California books by historian and author Craig MacDonald. So much of history would be lost without written records to tell us what transpired.

Two Twilight Zone classic episodes featuring actor Burgess Meredith dealt with this topic, delving into literary importance — and loss:

Time Enough: An avid bookworm, Henry Bemis, just wants to be left alone to read and finally gets his wish when a nuclear war devastates Earth. His being in the bank vault where he works has saved him. No one’s alive outside, but he finds canned food, books to read and everything is great — till his eyeglasses break. He’s blind as a bat!

The Obsolete Man: It’s a future totalitarian state where Romney Wordsworth is put on trial for being obsolete. His professed occupation as a librarian is punishable by death as the State has eliminated books.

California Book Festivals

APRIL 2019
Los Angeles: LA Times Festival of Books
San Bernardino: Multicultural Book & Family Festival of the Inland Region

Berkeley: Bay Area Book Festival
Sonoma: Sonoma Valley Authors Festival
Santa Monica: Yallwest Book Festival
Sacramento: Black Book Fair

JULY 2019
San Francisco: SF Art Book Fair

Salinas: Steinbeck Festival
Los Angeles: Leimert Park Village Book Fair
San Diego: Festival of Books

Sacramento: Fall Antiquarian Book Fair
Oceanside: North San Diego Latino Book & Family Festival
Costa Mesa: Orange County Children’s Book Festival
Manteca: Great Valley Book Fest


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