4th of July California BBQ Suggestion: Try Santa Maria Tri Tip

Independence Day or the 4th of July is the top event in which barbecues are held in California. Whether you buy your bucket of chicken from KFC to contribute to the pot luck, or you cook the food out on the grill, there's a whole lot to think about-such as, "What am I going to buy?" One of the top choices on the California Central Coast will be Santa Maria Style BBQ which includes tri tip cooked over a red oak wood fire, and served with salsa and a side of pinquito beans. Mmmm! Really good! This meal is easy to fix, but its secret is in the red oak-a must! Here are the directions for cooking it and making the fixins!

For any foods you decide to have, a barbecue is really the top choice. Get your charcoals, starter fluid, matches, and fire up the grill. If you don't have a grill, they make self-contained $5 -10 grills in small aluminum pans with the charcoal included. Many beaches and parks in California allow them to be used inside another container, though some beaches prohibit these little grills for safety reasons. Check the beach or park regulations before going.

The most popular foods include hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken. Here are some calorie counts for your consideration.

Hot dog with ketchup 315 calories
3.5 oz burger 250 calories
Tri-tip 1 steak 350 calories
Half a chicken 655 calories

Potato Chips 1 serving 130-150 calories

Side Dishes
Potato Salad 1 serving 358 calories
Baked Beans 1 cup 225- 280 calories
Bowl of Chili 1 cup 400 - 500 calories
1 flour tortilla 120 calories
Cole slaw 1 cup 200 calories
Salad (don't worry about calories, just worry about the dressing!)

Margarita 300-350 calories
Lemonade 8 oz. 99 calories
12 oz beer 150-200 calories
12 oz Soda 150-250 calories

Cupcake 585 calories (approx.)
Cup of Ice cream 290 calories


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