Dog Daze - Leave Pets at Home for 4th of July


In the old-fashion downtown Encincitas along Highway 101, a dog relaxes in front of his owner's shop. That's just how life is in this surfer's village where things are "laid back" enough.

Californians have gone crazy for their dogs, but some people lack common sense and don't know when to keep the pets at home. As the 4th of July approaches, the dogs in my neighborhood are howling. They hate the sounds of fireworks, but owners of these beloved pets are oblivious- and the rest of the neighborhood is howling at having to listen to these dogs all evening long.  A lot of denial and blame is attached to dogs.

When the 4th of July fireworks arrive, allow your dog inside the house and provide a place for the pet to hide if it feels frightened. Some say you should even create a hiding place such as a box or crate where your pet can escape. While animal experts suggest desensitizing your pet to fireworks sounds by introducing the animal to recordings of fireworks sounds played at soft volume, then increased levels over several days of exposure, most pet owners aren't going to take the time to do that sort of thing. The best thing you can do for the neighborhood (just to be safe) is to leave the pet inside the house, provide a place for him or her to hang-out with plenty of water, and go enjoy your fireworks with humans on July 4.

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