Anacapa Island Seagulls, Channel Islands National Park

Known as the Galapagos of the U.S., Anacapa Island in the Channel Islands National Park is a rare bird unto itself. With virtually no predators to eat their eggs, the Western Seagulls and endangered Brown Pelicans find this hilltop island an oasis of protection, and the best place to frequent in the spring. During March you can often see the gulls sitting on their nests that sit on the earth or slightly off the ground on top of flowers and plant mounds.

Over 90% of Western seagulls seen on the California coast at piers, beaches and in the air were born (hatched) from eggs at Anacapa Island. Read more...>

While the Channel Islands National Park admission is primarily the cost of the boat ride on chartered boats to visit ( the National Parks on mainland California charge admission to enter, and the good news is that there are free admission days.

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