Beach Time and Kites on the Horizon in California

When March arrives, you'll see the kites flying high at California's beaches. Exceptional winds provide the lift required to make the box shapes, dragons, snakes, butterflies and bees on strings simply dance.This weekend, in fact, there's a kite festival / party at Huntington City Beach surrounding the HB Pier. The 9th annual Kite Party is sponsored by the owner of a kite store on the pier called Kite Connection.

For those who don't know about this guy or his store, Dave Shenkman has operated a kite store for over a decade. He loves kites and is always coming across new designs.

Shenkman funds the part himself, paying for expensive beach permits. He almost had to cancel the party a year ago due to finances, relocating his shop to a more permanent structure, and other things going on, but his friends all offered to pitch in (they fly in on planes, not kites) from around the U.S. to participate in the kite party. So the show was on and it continues a colorful tradition this March weekend. The event is held March 10 - 13, 2011.

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