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Beach Cruiser Meet in Surf City


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA — If you’re a Woodie owner you know the routine–cruise to the beach, park your car, pull out a chair and let people stare. It makes you proud if you own a “wood” and people go nuts over your shiny automobile. California is the recognized Woodie Car Capital of the USA and its rich wood history helps propagate the image of California cool. If it hauled a board, buddies or babes to the beach it’s also known as a beach cruiser.

The public is invited to a free event, Wavecrest Beach Cruiser Meet that fills the street along Main St. and the Huntington Beach Pier each March with tons of woodies, classics and cruisers. There’s usually a band performing, and souvenir t-shirts you can purchase. From station wagons, sedan deliveries, and convertibles, to VW transporters, nomads, woodies, and pick-ups, car enthusiasts and fans of the era will get their kicks at this nostalgic event, the Annual Wavecrest Beach Cruiser Meet. In 2006 the Huntington Beach City Council voted the woodie the city’s official car.

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