Beautiful at the Beach - She's Got Legs


Do you fancy yourself whirling and twirling at the beach? Hot off the press, here's a fresh picture from the beach taken today to help launch your Labor Day Weekend. The scene is reminscent of the Zz Top song, She's Got Legs:

She's got legs, She knows how to use them.

The beaches are expected to be filled with danger and excitement as huge waves from a storm thousands of miles away near New Zealand, started the chain of waves moving towards California. They are expected to pound the Southern California beaches through Labor Day Weekend.

Areas hit by the swell may experience 7 to 9 feet high waves with some as big as 11 feet on southwest and west facing beaches, according to the National Weather Service.

In Surfside not far from this photo location, a 26- year-old from Long Beach entered the water at Surfside Beach in Orange County Wednesday, and disappeared in the rip current. Be extra cautious and don't hesitate to have fun staying on the shoreline rather than entering the water.

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