Bi-Plane Rides Over California

In the world of travel, not all plane rides are the same. The ultra-modern high speed jets maintain cabin pressure, air temperature and comfortable climate to get you to your destination in quick speed. However, there are some other kinds of plane rides you can enjoy just for the fun of riding-kind of like the old days when flying was considered fun!

One of our favorites is the bi-plane ride. It offers an open air experience at a fairly slow pace (like riding in a car) so you can feel the air around you and see the sights below you without the annoyance of windows. Steady, easy rides make this one of the best choices for those who seek a mellow time. However, most bi-planes are capable of doing stunt maneuvers and rolls, and some of the companies offer those options for thrill seekers, if you like.

The cities where you'll find such rides in California from North to South include Sonoma, Hollister, Oceano (Pismo Beach), Los Angeles, Temecula and San Diego. If this experience appeals to your sense of adventure, you usually will be suited up with a safety jacket, goggles, helmet, microphone to talk with the pilot, and a brief safety instruction before hopping on board. If you need a lift, try riding in a bi-plane!


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