California Art Walks Are More Than Art — They’re Social Events


Pictured is Second Saturday Art Walk in Sacramento (

Nearly every city and town in California has had an a href="">Art Walk or two. The new “in” event is partially about art, and also about getting out and mixing with the people. From San Diego to Sacramento, Los Angeles to Laguna, and Marin to Monterey, you are invited to participate in easy strolls that take you into shops, restaurants and stores to look at artwork, maybe sip a cocktail or glass of wine, and experience culture. It comes in many shapes and sizes at art walks. Some have gone as far at to turn their events into cocktail parties with musicians and even dances. At one Art Walk recently the Zombie Dance was performed as the highlight of the event.

This growing craze offers a variety of experiences depending on the location. Some cities have thriving arts districts with plenty to see every day of the year. Other cities have maybe a gallery or two, so they set up events for just a night each week or month, requiring the artists bring their own stands to show and display collections featured in a store or restaurant for the evening event.

Art Walks are generally free to attend, and if you’ve never experienced one, it’s worth checking out. In many spots such as Sacramento or Laguna Beach you’ll see a lot of hugging in what looks like family reunions. There are often crowds at these events that offer you a night on the town at no cost, no commitment and lots of opportunities to look.


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