California Cars, A Love Affair!


While most the cars you see in California were made somewhere else, if you were a car you'd want to live in California, where most places never see snow, salt that corrodes the body parts, and seldom even rain. California has more classic and collector cars per capita than anywhere on the planet-and that's a fact!

Europeans, Japanese, and world car buyers come to California car shows to look at and acquire classics to take back and sell in their countries where ownership buys you a ticket to fame, or something slightly less, but equally exciting.

If you think you are alone in your love of shiny cars, you haven't driven your car enough. There's a car show every day of the week in California, and usually dozens of such shows and clubs that do cruises, drive-ins, and competitions. From V-dubs and German made car clubs and shows, to classics, rods, woodies, and pre-70s, the categories, contests and shows include nearly anything made, and if you want to find a car show, here's a start. See the California Car Shows & Events list we're building and growing daily!

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