California City in Mojave Desert is 3rd Largest CA City for Landmass

Mule deer are seen often in a place once known for mules — and the 20 Mule Team Trail that transported borax.

There's actually a city in California called California City. In addition to being in the Mojave Desert, having the third largest landmass in the state, and featuring its own Central Park, the place sits on the edge of a huge desert tortoise preserve. Critters abound in the hot desert, including mules at one time.

Within the city bounds you'll find a portion of a national historic Twenty Mule Team Trail, where borax ore from Harmony Borax Works in Death Valley was carried by mules to the railhead in Mojave. Borax which is found naturally in Boron, California, was used to separate the gold from the ore in gold mining. In California City the East Kern Historical Museum Society has information about the 20-Mule-Borax Team, which the Pacific Coast Borax Company sent to St. Louis from Death Valley.

Believe it or not, this high desert location where 100 degree temperatures are not uncommon, has been one of the fastest growing cities in California. It certainly has the land to expand! And currently the residents enjoy one of the lowest population densities in California.

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