Carmel by the Sea Romantic Escapes are Not Far Away

When you think 'romance' in California, there are some places that come to mind instantly. Carmel by the Sea is one of California's definitive romantic escapes, thanks to the scenery, the food, the shops, the weather, and the beach. All these things combine to make Carmel inescapably desirable.

One of the highlights to the Thanksgiving season can be found at Carmel Valley Ranch. Beautiful wild turkeys roam the grounds and even peak into the dining room windows from their 'hidden' position underneath the gnarled oaks. These residents will never be served up for a meal. This is their home and you are a visitor to their luxury surroundings.

Now is the peak tourist season in Carmel because of the weather. This is when you have the greatest guarantee of sunshine. Corporations know this and book the hotel and meeting space each year for this season.

You can still find rooms, however, and it is easy to get to Carmel from most any place in California. By car, its central location makes it no more 6 to 8 hours from even the far reaches of the state. You can also fly into Monterey Airport and rent a car there. We've done this numerous times and like the convenience of being there in just an hour or to, flying out of LAX.

If you need a pick-me-up, or you need to revive, rekindle, or invigorate that relationship that means so much, think about heading to Carmel. Enjoy the pine trees, the cottages on quaint streets, gourmet restaurants, the weather, and be sure to take the 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach if you've never done it. Sunsets are amazing!

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