California Cruisin' in a Classic Convertible


Are you eager to see California on a road trip? Recently in the Balboa Island Starbucks coffee shop on Marine Ave., I met two well-spoken 20-somethings who said hello. I asked where they were from and they replied, "Norway."

Are you visiting California? I asked, and they replied, "yes." They said they are taking a drive trip to see all of California. They have rented a car and traveling the Interstate 101 and Highway 1 coastal routes north to south with a final destination of San Diego.

What inspires people to drive and see the state are its scenic roads overlooking oceans, traversing mountains, passing by vineyards, farms, meadows and even the towering cityscapes of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. With year-round weather that provides an opportunity to take your classic pink convertible for a spin, the drives are as much entertainment as the road stops, themselves.

While the handsome, blonds from Norway rented an standard economy car, out on the road they came across plenty of sites and classic roadsters, convertibles and economy automobiles, they said.

What do they remember most about their trip? California's beaches and its open space, plus San Francisco left a positive impression on them. Happy travels in California!

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