California Grunion Run Coming on Strong

The dates haven't officially been released for the springtime & summer expected grunion runs, but the general consensus is to look for the fishing runs to begin in March.

Grunion are a small fish of the silversides family that spawn on the beaches of Southern to Central California seasonally. The law says that with a fishing licenses, you have permission to catch them with your bare hands during open season.

There's a small'll only find them in a two -hour window, usually between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Those are tough hours for some people who have to work normal hours.

There's another catch to make life fun. Many Southern California beaches are closed during the night in the top "run" spots. So... how are you supposed to catch a fish when the beach is closed? There's an answer, but things don't always work in the public's favor. Have fun running & good luck!

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