No Winter Blues at Bikini Beaches in California

Some of you may be sitting in your down jackets, gloves keeping your fingers warm while your red, frosty nose becomes too cold. Meanwhile, when you visit the beaches of Southern California and take pictures of people the first week in January diving in the ocean, you might believe it's really warm out there. California must live up to that Endless Summer reputation, right?

Just after the New Year began, crazy people from Minnesota, Michigan, New York and Montana came out of the woodwork, arrived at the beaches and started acting like it's summer in California! The daytime temperatures range in the 60's and the 40s at night, cool enough. Locals are suffering chapped hands, cold feet, and they're wearing their coats and boots. They're freezing. brrrrrrrrr.

The water temperatures clock in around 57 degrees-not very warm or tempting to even the feet. Yet these visitors from elsewhere seem to be enjoying themselves in some sort of fantasy weather that locals don't quite experience or comprehend. Our warm weather should arrive in 4 to 8 weeks as the hints of spring bring those balmy days. But for gosh sakes! You visitors make us crazy watching you in the Pacific Ocean, acting as if the water is warm and you haven't a care in the world.

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