California's Got the Runs


Move over Boston Marathon! The coveted U.S. race that most distance runners use as bragging rights (regardless of how they place,) is certainly an accomplishment to participate in. But California's pace in the running world isn't too shabby, as California's got the runs. For Boston Marathon fans, we don't have to tell you when the 2011 race takes place. In fact, we went to the official Boston Marathon website and they didn't even list the date! After digging around under Q&A, we discovered it takes place April 18, 2011. As one of the oldest marathons, it celebrates 115 years in 2011.


There are so many marathon runs coming up, it is amazing that runners have time to catch their breath. The Death Valley Borax Marathon takes place on Feb. 5, 2011. One day later on Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 6, there's a marathon in Huntington Beach, Surf City Marathon. Like most California runs, the attendance is quite strong (see photo above). Also on Super Sunday, you can run a smaller oceanfront course race in Redondo Beach, or do the Davis Stampede, a half-marathon, a Rose Bowl half-marathon in Pasadena, Simi Valley half-marathon, or a Super Bowl Sunday Run in Sacramento.

Just weeks after these events, you can do the Buzz Marathon at Camp Roberts on Feb. 19.


Building up for the big ones such as Los Angeles Marathon, Bidwell Marathon in Chico takes place on Mar. 5. The Catalina Island Marathon will be held March 12, 2011, and the course is one of the most spectacular anywhere as few cars are allowed on most parts of the island.

On March 20, 2011, the LA Marathon takes place, attracting more than 20,000 participants, 12,000 volunteers, and one million spectators along the course. It is one of the largest organized road races in the world allowing the entire city to take to the streets of L.A. on one special day.

If you are a marathon fan or runner, don't think that life is over after Los Angeles event ends. Napa Valley Train Marathon in Calistoga takes place on March 26.


Full Marathons

04/30/2011 Diablo Marathon [Full Marathon 26.2 Mile] Clayton

04/17/2011 River City Marathon [Half Marathon 13.1 Miles] [Full Marathon 26.2 Mile] Folsom

04/09/2011 Skyline to the Sea Marathon [Full Marathon 26.2 Mile] Los Gatos

04/02/2011 Golden Gate Headlands Marathon [Half Marathon 13.1 Miles] [Full Marathon 26.2 Mile] Sausalito

04/09/2011 Muir Woods Trail Marathon [Full Marathon 26.2 Mile] Stinson Beach


04/02/2011 Banning Playhouse Bowl 5k [5k Race 3.1 Miles] Banning
04/16/2011 Camp Pendleton Hard Corps Race Series [5k Race 3.1 Miles] Camp Pendleton
04/03/2011 Carlsbad 5000 [5k Race 3.1 Miles] Carlsbad CA US
04/23/2011 Big Bunny Fun Run [5k Race 3.1 Miles] Cupertino
04/17/2011 La Jolla Half Marathon [5k Race 3.1 Miles] [Half Marathon 13.1 Miles] Del Mar
04/16/2011 Run For Gook 5k [5k Race 3.1 Miles] Fairfield CA US
04/10/2011 Amazing Grace Race [5k Race 3.1 Miles] [Half Marathon 13.1 Miles] La Qunta
04/02/2011 Warrior Dash SoCal [5k Race 3.1 Miles] Lake Elsinore
04/10/2011 Brickyard Race Martinez
04/10/2011 5k Run For Life [5k Race 3.1 Miles] Oceanside
04/03/2011 Trail Less Traveled 5k [5k Race 3.1 Miles] Oroville
04/10/2011 Wine Country Runs Half Marathon [5k Race 3.1 Miles] [Half Marathon 13.1 Miles] Paso Robles
04/10/2011 Artichoke Half Marathon [10k Race 6.2 Miles] [Half Marathon 13.1 Miles] Pescadero
04/30/2011 5k Run to Fun [5k Race 3.1 Miles] Pinole
04/10/2011 A Run Through Redlands [5k Race 3.1 Miles] [10k Race 6.2 Miles] [Half Marathon 13.1 Miles] Redlands
04/10/2011 US Half Marathon *The Other Half" [Half Marathon 13.1 Miles] San Francisco
04/17/2011 The Presidio 10 [10k Race 6.2 Miles] San Francisco
04/10/2011 Santa Cruz Half Marathon [10k Race 6.2 Miles] [Half Marathon 13.1 Miles] Santa Cruz
04/02/2011 Seal Beach 5k/10k Run [5k Race 3.1 Miles] [10k Race 6.2 Miles] Seal Beach
04/24/2011 Foothill Five & Dime [5k Race 3.1 Miles] [10k Race 6.2 Miles] Upland

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