Balboa's Big on Beach

BALBOA ISLAND, CALIF. — After so many years of writing about beaches, you become kind of a beach connoisseur. And one thing you may observe when you focus on the beaches of California is that size doesn't always matter. From the big, broad sandy beaches of Orange County and LA to the tiny little sand stretches on Balboa Island, the difference in size is quite striking. But for the families who come to vacation on the island with children, the smaller beaches are actually preferred for several reasons.

Happy little kids and parents always within view provide the perfect sandbox for keeping close eyes on children. At the big beaches such as Huntington, Newport Peninsula and Seal, children can take off running in the sand and the parents may have to trek 10 minutes to catch up with them before making it to the waterline.

Take a stroll the next time you have the luxury of a visit to Orange County. Check out the Bayfront walking path that offers views of beach homes on one side of you, and the small, sandy beaches and Newport Harbor on the other. 9 times out of 10, you will see kids having incredible fun on little beaches. Balboa is big on beaches, especially the little ones.

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