Call of the Wild Rings Through the Night in Unique Hotel

SANTA ROSA, CALIF.-Spend a night in an African tent at Safari West where wild animals roam in the moonlight, and some even howl to beckon a potential mate with eerie sounds. One of California's most amazing hotel experiences includes wooden floors, soft pillows, and a heated blanket in your very own accommodations, a suite with shower, sink, flush toilet (all modern) and canvas flaps to cover the windows at night.

Situated in the midst of a wild animal preserve, the unusual hotel includes many tents, each with steps and front porches to self-contained units on stilts. You don't have to rough it when stay at Safari West, though nature, itself, may keep you awake if you aren't a sound sleeper. While the noise was minimal during my visit, the rain outside the cabin was partially responsible for drowning out other sounds. Santa Rosa gets most its rain in November through March, averaging over 5 inches per month during that time. April through October is your best bet for sunshine, and there's a Mother's Day special coming up.

If you can't make it to the preserve to learn about and see the endangered and threatened species, you can go online and actually help support and feed a wild animal.

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