Santa Rosa, Calif. Safari West Wildlife Preserve


Safari West Wildlife Preserve

Safari West Wildlife Preserve and African Tent Camp
3115 Porter Creek Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 579-2551 or 1 (800) 616-2695 /  

When you ride through the 400 acre preserve in the heart of California's wine country, huge animals with horns that could tear you into come right up to you as a tour guide assures you that you are safe.

Not so sure?  Many aren't, but the expedition through the preserve is all about learning--you learn how to hold onto your items such as cameras, you learn how to trust your guide & driver, and you learn about the wilds.  You can even stick around and spend the night, listening to eerie animals sounds that ring out in the darkness. It's quite an experience!

Safari West is home for over 400 exotic mammals and birds in a wildlife preserve that isn't a zoo, though it is a member of the prestigious American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Established by Peter Lang in 1989, Safari West was founded to assist in the propagation of endangered species, including several bird species, and two species of Saharan Desert antelope now extinct in the wild. Also dedicated to raising awareness, the preserve offers safaris year-round.

Riding around the vast expanse in Santa Rosa where wild animals are contained, fed and allowed to roam, most without human contact to preserve their instincts and behaviors, the adventure is one of the most unique experiences in California, and our favorites wildlife watching opportunity.

It is not surprising that the facility is located in Sonoma County, probably one of the most unique of the 58 California counties in its mission to of preservation. 

Jeep safari rides, meeting & conference facilities for special events, and overnight stays in luxury African tents with a bed, breakfast and a room with a view of giraffes, ostriches and other birds and animals is an absolutely wild experience. You can't believe how the most docile humans are reawakened to their very own nature when spending a night in the wilds!

From the deck of each cabin, guests can take in the view of grazing giraffes or enjoy the serenity of the private lake. Each tent is outfitted with hardwood floors, queen and king-size beds, plump pillows and cozy comforters, heaters, full bathrooms and spacious verandas. On the cool Santa Rosa nights, you have to close the canvas flaps on your tent on stilts to warm the place up. Electric blankets are supplied for those who need to turn on the heat, and each African suite includes a separate bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.

Safari West is a wild ride in an authentic safari vehicle. Visitors are surrounded by giraffe, gazelle, scimitar-horned oryx, ostrich and other species of African antelope--all sharing the beauty and diversity of the savannah environment.  Threatened animals include Addax, Bongo,  Cheetah and the Ruffed Lemur. Scimitar-horned Oryx you'll see on the preserve are completely extinct in the wild.  A variety of near threatened animals such as  the White Rhinoceros, Springbok , Stanley Crane, Nicobar Pigeon, Common Slider and the African Spurred Tortoise are on the preserve, and you'll see most of them during a visit.

Be on the look out for delightful Delilah, a Great Indian Hornbill. During our visit the hungry bird took a piece of meat off the grill that our conference group was supposed to eat for dinner. Crazy bird!

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