Cleaning the Beach as Californians Get Out and Pick Up Trash


If you haven't gotten an idea as to what to do this weekend already, many Californians are heading to the beach to pick up trash in the annual beach cleanup effort that goes on throughout the state. In the picture there's a happy girl running on the beach. The beaches used to be scattered with broken glass, cans and debris, and many would cut their feet. Laws prohibiting glass on most beaches, and the local cleanup efforts are really taking a bite out of accidents and injuries.

There are 1,000 miles of shoreline you can pick from during the adventure where you get little gloves if you like (or bring your own) and are given a bag to throw your junk in. It's great exercise! Give it a try.

More than 80,000 will participate in this event held on Sept. 17 from 9 a.m. to Noon. In 2010, over 82,500 volunteers removed more than 1.2 million pounds of trash and recyclables from our beaches, lakes, and waterways. California Coastal Cleanup Day is part of one of the largest volunteer events in the world.

If you're near a beach, check the local city beach services for an event going on. In many places you may see people cleaning up. Just head over and pitch in. That's good enough. (


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