Pumpkin Patch Photo and Unique Pumpkin Carving Website with Patterns


Pictured is a pumpkin patch at a nursery in Carmel Valley, part of Carmel by the Sea. Traveling California in search of the perfect pumpkin patch to photograph isn't easy. To do a good job, you really need to drive the country roads of the Central Valley and Central Coast, where pumpkins grow so abundantly and can be purchased at businesses such as Avila Valley Barn. Carmel is located on the Central Coast, where you'll find the pumpkin patches scattered miles apart.

In the Central Valley, the heartland and bread basket of the state, pumpkin patches are abundant and they often come with corn mazes as part of annual public attractions and entertainment. This week you'll be seeing lots of the pumpkin fields and mazes begin to take shape and by September 30 each year, the Halloween season is in full swing.

While most of us have managed the basics of pumpkin carving techniques that give our pumpkins triangle eyes, oval mouths and a set of jagged looking teeth, the art of pumpkin carving has become quite advanced, requiring patterns, special tools for fine points, and creative imagination. One guy named Tom Nardone will actually come to your party or special event and carve pumpkins as entertainment. He's written several books about the subject and injects much humor into his appearances, books, and website. For some intricate, creative and crazy pumpkin patterns, be sure to take a look and get the free pattern downloads on extremepumpkins.com.

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