Cruise of Lights Brings Sparkling Joy to California

When you buy a ticket to see the lit-up, decorated mansions of Huntington Beach in the man-made islands called Huntington Harbour, you aren't just buying yourself 45 minutes of joy-you are also purchasing a ticket to help fund music programs in schools. One of the first items to get the budget ax in any American school system is the arts-music, dance and theater. Without the help and fundraising efforts of private enterprise, many kids would not have a chance to see a concert, much less actually have the opportunity to learn how to play musical instrument and perform one day.

Huntington Harbour "Cruise of Lights" is an annual event in Huntington Beach, California that invites the public to buy tickets and ride on a yacht around the waterways of this Orange County coast destination. The event is held December 17-23, 2010. Affordably priced at $15 for an adult, the ride includes narration about the homes, and the proceeds from the event benefit the non-profit Philharmonic Society's musical causes such as gifts to classrooms and programs. One such program allows youngsters to attend a concert at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Orange County.

If you want to "cruise" in Huntington Beach, this is one of the most delightful and entertaining rides of the year!

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