Need Some Zip in Your Trip? Catalina's Got It!

When you seek a little something extra to make the daytrip or getaway to Avalon memorable, book a Zipline Eco Tour adventure next time around. There are five rides or zips included in the Discovery Tours attraction that glides 300 feet above the Descanso Canyon. For those who are Christmas gift shopping, it also makes for the perfect present for a loved one.

But such fun doesn't come cheap. The ticket on a boat to the island is around $65 for an adult (round trip) and the ride on the zip line is slightly under $100. The good news is you can easily walk over to the launch point at Descanso Beach, a mere 5-15 minute walk from the boat docks, just past the Casino Building.

Some of the restrictions include weight limits (must be 60 to 245 pounds) and rules about wearing shoes (no sandals, Crocs, etc.)

The closest zips to Southern California trips include Avalon on Catalina Island and Big Bear Lake zip line. Get peppy, get zippy, and don't be trippy when you ride the zip.

Zipline Eco Tour

Location: Descanso Beach Club, St. Catherine Way, Avalon, CA 90704
Phone: (310) 510-8687

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